cropped-160606-marie-nele-4203Impulse Boost Camp definitely is the seminar that I love hosting the most. It just makes me so happy when I see the participants leaving the seminar space with a bunch of energy and motivation to implement their ideas in their personal and professional life. Nevertheless, the seminars where I learnt the most were other ones. Right after I finished high school I was hosting a political “Planspiel” in an East German city that was known for a strong extreme right. My job was to pretend to fund a political party with a bunch of 15 year old students. There was one group of ten boys that were the troublemakers of the school and did not even look at the school’s social worker. I stepped up to the other trainers and told them that I was getting this group because I knew that I was the one that would – if at all – be the most respected person among the trainers because of my age. When we then talked first about the goals of the party even the one with turkish roots said that the foreigners and refugees have to leave the country. The neighbor of the German right wing terrorist group NSU was part of the group. After 5 hours the 10 boys left the room with self-made member cards of the German Social Party with the main goal of strengthening  the inclusion of foreign citizens and getting better living conditions for refugees.