Sharing is Caring

In 2019 and 2020, I was on the move and travelled with workshops in my backpack that I shared with communities that I met on my way. However, COVID-19 reshaped our lives. Thus, I am happy to host workshops online (for free).

Dreaming Journey & Flow Writing
Take 3 hours and a handful of people (or more), find a cozy place to sit and get some paper and pens ready.
Step 1 – Dreaming Journey. Let’s go on a dreaming journey. In our thoughts we will travel to the the world of our dreams. How is your community organised in this world? And what was your contribution to the creation of your dream society? Let’s explore!
Step 2 – Flow Writing. With our intuition activated, we’ll look on our life today. Using a couple of guided questions out of Otto Schamer’s Theory U, you will write down what you can do today to realize your contribution to the community that surrounds you.
Step 3 – Harvesting. What did you just experience? Active listening is a powerful tool to share your thoughts and manifest what you found out about yourself.
I hosted this workshop with many different people in different spots in the world and whenever we checked out of this process, people were smiling. I’d be more than happy to see more of such smiles on my path.

Process Moderation
You and your team would like to take some time to work concentrated on something? I experienced external moderation as very helpful tool to get things done or tackle obstacles on a deep level. If you work on a social project, I’d love to donate my time, methods and questions to guide you on this process. Whatever it is that you’d like to work on, we’ll design a meeting that will get your team motivated.

Moon Ceremonies
Full Moon and New Moon are great invitations to take a moment to reflect about life. What do you need to let go of in order to grow? What do you want to invite in your life? We’ll get together and set our intentions for a happy and purposeful life.

Where I already hosted workshops on the road:

  • with Syrian Refugees in LASeR NGO | Tripoli, Lebanon | 2019
  • with members of Yücel Cultural Foundation | Istanbul, Turkey | 2019
  • La Casita Language School | Mérida, Mexico | 2019
  • with English students of Campeche National University | Campeche, Mexico | 2019
  • During a Cacao Ceremony hosted by a group of women in San Marcos, Guatemala | 2019
  • English Cultural Center | Sfax, Tunis | 2017
  • Habitat Festival | Itzehoe, Germany | 2018
  • Love Foundation Event in Wildenbruchbar | Berlin, Germany | 2016