There are two things that fill my heart with a special feeling of flow and fulfillment – dancing in nature and hosting workshops. Luckily, festivals are spaces where doing both is possible. In addition, I like to contribute to those warm-hearted communities in which we are able to create a microcosm of the world we want to live in.
No matter how big your festival is and even if it is just a gathering of friends or your birthday party, I would be more than happy to spread some good vibes with a workshop.
Dreaming Journey  Imagine, you have had a perfect life. How would you live? How do people interact in your world? And what is your contribution to this perfect society? During a 30-minute long dreaming journey, you will find answers to those questions. You will create a world of your dreams and explore it. Combined with some elements of meditation practices,  you will be guided on this journey with my voice and some music and it is up to you how the world of your dreams look like. This guided dreaming journey is a wonderful practice to fill yourself up with energy, to find out what values are important for you and to implement them in your everyday life. My favorite communication method will help you to share your experience with the people around you.
Flow Writing – Let’s assume that everybody has a vision or a dream in life, a project you always wanted to create, this plan B, C or D that you have in mind in case you’ll quit your job one day. Flow Writing is a 30-minute workshop of intuitive writing that helps you to analyze your current life situation and gives you impulses on how to turn your dream into reality. Strongly connected to the practice of U-Journaling, everybody takes something out of this workshop. A festival, where creative people gather is a space where synergies can be created – ideal circumstances to take that first step to bring your vision into reality.
Active Listening – “I believe that we can change the world, if we start listening to another again”, said the wise women Margaret Wheatley. If a festival is a space, where we can prototype the microcosm in which we want to live in, communication is the basis to create an appreciative and loving environment. Using a couple of exercises, participants get to experience honest conversation, sharing and active listening. What will we talk about? About our dreams and feelings of course. The rest is up to you. But don’t worry, I will assure that everybody leaves the workshop tent with a good feeling and at least three new friends.
Tree of Life Meditation (for beginners) During this 45-minute long guided meditation, we will connect our bodies to the earth and the universe. We will fill ourselves with light and energy that will make us flow and glow. This meditation is perfect for people who are not very familiar with meditating yet. You will explore the energy of your body while using images inspired by the nature that surrounds us. After this meditation, you will feel cleansed and vitalized.
Cacao Circles –  This practice is perfect to reach a natural high, to open your heart and to connect with the people around you just by drinking raw cacao. This ritual can be combined with a dreaming journey, meditation, singing, dancing or a massage workshop, depending on the time and circumstances. When you prepare Cacao in a certain way, it works as a medicine, nurturing your body with magnesium, iron and other healthy ingredients, it is detoxifying and activates serotonin and endorphin production.
Interested in having one of the above-mentioned workshops present at your gathering? Write me an email. Looking forward to it. 
Workshops can be hosted in several languages: German, English, French and Spanish